Air Handling Unit cleaning

Duct Air Care’s trained and experienced team of technicians has an in-depth knowledge of the operation and maintenance requirements of air handling units. A survey of the AHU will be conducted, and a proposal specifying the elements required for cleaning will be presented.
An Air Handling Unit, or AHU, is the main component of an air conditioning system. It is made up of Air Filters, Fans, Heating Coils, and other components that are used to convert unprocessed air from the outside of buildings into processed air with the necessary humidity, temperature, and quality levels. Air Handling Units use a streamlined system to collect air, filter it, process it, and distribute it where it is needed. The outside air is adequately filtered by passing it through a high-tech structure consisting of natural and synthetic fibers.
The filters become clogged with dust and particles that they collect over time, depending on the state of the outside air. These filters are key components of an Air Handling Unit, which is a component of an air conditioning system. Regular cleaning and replacement of these filters are required for the system to work well, ensuring clean and healthy air while minimizing operational costs. The insides of Air Handling Units are inaccessible to typical cleaning processes because they are housed in suitable containers. Professional Air Handling Unit cleaning guarantees that all components of an AHU are operating at peak efficiency.
Duct Air Care provides the fastest service possible without sacrificing quality. We provide a comprehensive solution to your AHU cleaning requirements. The air handler, also known as an air handling device, is at the heart of every marine ventilation system. A dirty air handler promotes rapid bacterial contamination and the spread of mold spores. When dealing with any type of indoor air quality issue onboard, the hygiene of the air handling unit is important.
Our trained specialists will clean, sanitize, and restore the Air Handlers and Fan Coil Units to factory condition using the newest technology in ventilation system hygiene. This will restore adequate airflow throughout the vessel while also increasing the overall energy efficiency of the HVAC system.
We provide superior Air Handling Unit Cleaning services in Texas cities, including Dallas, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and other nearby cities.

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