Interior Insulation Stripping and Re-Insulating

Duct Air Care specializes in the stripping and re-insulation of interior ductwork. Many institutions underestimate the significance of monitoring the internal insulation in their AHUs and ducting. Degraded insulation will result in poor indoor air quality. Insulation flakes become airborne. Insulation can become caught in components such as reheat coils, spinning vanes, and air conditioning coils. Worse, it has the ability to enter occupied spaces, producing irritation and poor health impacts.
Regularly evaluate your HVAC system to verify that your interior insulation is in good shape to help prevent wear and strain on your heating and cooling system components. Leaky ductwork can also be caused by deteriorated insulation. According to the Department of Energy, leaks and uninsulated surfaces lose 20 to 30 percent of the warm or cooled air passing through the ductwork system.

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